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Arctic marine forest distribution models published in Global Change Biology

Hi folks, this is a post to introduce our new open access publication in Global Change Biology detailing our analysis of Arctic marine forest distributions under climate change (https://doi.org/10.1111/gcb.16142). I believe this article presents some important conceptual advancements. The analysis is global in scale, something we have not seen yet (but correct me if I’mContinue reading “Arctic marine forest distribution models published in Global Change Biology”

Faculty Search Research Seminar

The search continues for a lab home. As part of this process, I have spent a considerable amount of time prepping a research seminar for faculty interviews. This presentation details a stream of research I began in 2014, a veritable quest to unravel patterns of seaweed biodiversity endemic to the Arctic. In addition to presentingContinue reading “Faculty Search Research Seminar”


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